"The very first VR was in spring (May/June) 1989. There it was decided that
future VR's should be every other year on even years only.

At that time a large number of F3F people were also world class F3B people.
Therefore the VR was decided to run on years without F3B world
championships. F3B world championships are always on odd years.

We might add to the list:
1985 "North Sea Cup", Hanstholm, Denmark
1987 "BARCS F3F International", Derbyshire, England
In 1987 a new trophy - The Viking Trophy - was presented. It gave name to
the next race in 1989, and that name stuck. Well, to be precise, the 1989
event was named "Viking F3F Slope Race", and only since 1990 has the name
been simply "Viking Race".

In the beginning it was very much a British/Danish/Norwegian affair.
Therefore the name was quite obvious. Viking territory has widened quite a
lot since then, but the Viking spirit hasn't changed. That's the main thing.

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